Attempting to Grind

Grinding is no fun. Putting my usual output into the wild has become a grind more than once. I don't have a lot to put on Patreon, so I'm going to look at freezing payments until I have a lot to share. It's possible. Toasty does it on the regular.

I did some poking around, and it's in (surprise) the Settings area. Therefore May will be free and possibly June if I feel that inadequate by then. Very possibly also June because of all the times my output has been pitiful in the past.

That should balance the scales a little bit. I hope.

On the positive side, I do have a few things to post over on Patreon, but they're not that fantastic in comparison to my usual production line.

In the news today: Australia needs the peeps to donate blood, a bishop who bragged about flaunting quarantine rules has died of Covid-19, Aussies are whingeing about having to stay at home, and the world is catching on that the Muppet has been as useful as a sugar umbrella in a monsoon.

The memes abound. I just watched a TikTok where the filmmaker is making a strawberry pie and devolves into existential dread and obsessive hand washing whilst it's baking. Funny, relatable, and definite "you had to be there" vibes.

It's almost midday and I haven't even started on today's tale.

I need some emotional fortitude.

Got any to spare?