Challenge #02652-G095: Never Going Gently

The question has been around since the beginning of analytical thought, but has become ever more perplexing since the arrival of humans, to philosophers across the galaxy...

Deathworlders, in Comparison to Havenworlders, are Incredibly short lived. and Humans, even excepting acts of self sacrifice, attempts at Darwin awards, and general mishappenings, a regular human has an expected lifespan of 90 to 110 standard years in optimal conditions. compared to the Hundreds that most Havenworlders live, (or as many humans put it, merely survive), humans are often compared to lightning; extremely bright, absolutely beautiful, comparatively devastating and tragically (or mercifully depending on your view) brief.

...and so it is asked,

"What constitutes a full and well lived life?" -- Adam From Darwin

Vessels and livesuits in Galactic Space have recording devices that preserve the final moments of the occupants. They have this so that those sweeping up the mess can have a chance at formulating better protection for the next time such trouble arises. This has lead to the discovery that Humans have two sets of dying words.

Those they say to their friends, and those they say to themselves. If there is an enemy they are fighting in the process, then the other set becomes a defiant battle-cry in an attempt to intimidate the enemy. The most common last words to allies forms the Last Lie, "You go ahead, I'll catch up."

The most common words to themselves are, "I've lived a good life." That is, when the Humans in question have the time to accept their impending demise. Far too many do not. Every single Human who has laid down their life for others accepts this end with determination and those five words.

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