Sunday - Day Two

Hope blooms for me these school holidays. Maybe the Karen Squad has had enough of acting like entitled little brats and has actually grown a sense of consequence for their actions. There's still waiting until next Saturday to see if Brisbane's protests blow up.

In the news:

  • Victorians in the majority are staying at home and hating the people who keep protesting the ongoing lockdowns
  • Kmart now offers food storage solutions for $1
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg, one of the bulwarks for womens' rights, died at the age of 87
  • Aussie States are going to accept more expats coming back in. I hope that those who went on holidays after being told not to go get the thorough cross-examination
  • Netflix has made a special based on the life and racism-fueled death of an African-American teenager while she was trying to buy a $2 bottle of orange juice. Her injustice has been forgotten, so I get why they're doing that.

I have enjoyed watching some Toasty arts happening this fine morrow which maybe makes up for the horrible potential of the Repugnicans being nasty just because they can. Maybe.

I can only hope that human decency wins, though the Repugnicans don't have a lot of that.

Story soon. I shall strive for some hope and happiness to offset the doom and gloom of the day.