Thursday - Day Two

Another day of zero cases, thank goodness. This morning's news feed on my phone had some dipshit from ASIO claiming that we should all do a "controlled burn" for herd immunity.

Dipshit doesn't understand how this plague works.

Fact: People are re-infected with the plague
Fact: People who survive are at risk of being chronically ill for THE REST OF THEIR LIVES
Fact: Though we have statistics on the death rate, we have NO statistics on the percentage of Long Haulers, and how bad things are there
Fact: Acquiring natural herd immunity failed in Sweden and it's going to fail everywhere else
Fact: I can guarantee this idiot excluded themself from the death/permanent disability toll
Fact: Likewise the economic fallout for the same

On the other hand, in their favour, I did find out that the promised vaccine is only aiming for 50% efficacy. Wonderful. So now I know there's an odds-evens chance it will infect people with the plague and cause another spate of deaths and disabilities.


It's rubbish day so as soon as dawn shows its rosy fingers, I have to haul the bins out. It's also four AM, so I shall attempt to get my daily output done and thereby have the rest of the day to faff about on nonsense.