Challenge #02814-G257: A Good Question

Aliens seeing and hearing lyrebird. That's it. That's the whole prompt. -- Anon Guest

The rocket thrust engines sounded at full throttle. They sounded from the throat of an otherwise grey and ordinary-looking bird with an ornate tail. After it was done rumbling, it imitated the sound of a few imager trigger sounds. Then it replicated precisely the zoo closing warning.

"Bing bing bong. The zoo will be closing in fifteen minutes. Please make your way towards the exit. The zoo will be closing in fifteen minutes. Visitors in the gift shop, please finalise your purchases."

The bird stopped to preen, fluffing its feathers and twitching its tail. Thereafter it launched into a series of far more recognisable bird calls, one after the other. Grux was impressed, as many visitors were. It was a non-cogniscent avian from the deathworldiest part of the Deathworld appropriately known as Terra.

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