Wednesday - Day One

No new cases and a lot of running around on my schedule today. Mayhem has a doctor's appointment. We need to buy cat food. I also need to pop into Spotlight and get hold of some florists' wire to fix the catwalk because the pool carpet is slipping.

Stick a broom up my butt and I can sweep the floor on the way.

In the news:

  • Muppet doubles down on claiming the plague was created and unleashed on purpose by China
  • Sweden denies use of their satellites to China
  • Queensland is opening up only to other areas without new infections
  • Victoria finally actually has less than twenty new cases a day
  • Plague may also have long-lasting neurological impacts similar to Parkinsons'
  • Technological victory from the Hensons, Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance has been axed from Netflix after it won an Emmy. Sour grapes, Netflix?
  • Muppet and Repugnicans continue to abuse power and flaunt their own rulings, nominating a Supreme Court Judge mere months away from the election. They don't care who they destroy so long as they "win"
  • ASIO wants more counter-terrorism laws
  • Artificial insemination doctor guilty of fathering potentially hundreds of babies. He should be retroactively sued for child support payments

The world is going to shit, and it's going to get shittier. Apparently the plague is bringing out a "nice" crop of violent right-wingers in Australia's populace and I could not feel sicker about that.

Can we PLEASE stop imitating the GD USA?

I have no idea what's going to happen for this week's Wordpress Wednesday, so it's probably going to be A Chapter Of...

May we see better days.