Challenge #02813-G256: So Vulnerable

I want to see aliens that think humans are cute. Like, they get a Ship's Human because Rules, and when they meet them, they're just...

Oh, it's so cute! Must. Protect.

And it ends in mayhem and hilarity. -- Anon Guest

They had been against having a Ship's Human, but they were exploring and documenting the Edge Territories, so it was mandatory. Those meaty Deathworlders would only cause chaos and destruction. They even had to get a new ship made entirely of metal, inside and out, just so the creature wouldn't accidentally destroy the interior bulkheads.

They had to have a special, isolated food area so their Deathworlder toxins wouldn't effect the rest of the crew, they had to have a separate waste disposal and ablution centre because some pathogens inherent in their body were best safely contained. And worse, they had a Deathworlder pet capable of random acts of destruction, known as a parrot[1].

They expected the worst possible creature to enter their ship. They didn't expect to fall in love at first sight with Humanity in general and Human Zo in particular. Ze was indeed larger than the Phaziid taking hir on, much heavier, too. What they didn't expect was a creature without a carapace. Humans were surprisingly soft and owned artificial carapaces. Humans had tiny little eyes much like the Phaziid's own larvae and this human was, under their carapace, the exact hue of a larval Phaziid.

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