Tuesday ( Day Zero)

Another case from overseas and already contained. My wrist hurts and, after a glimpse at the headlines, I don't want to go deeper.

My wrist hurt since yesterday, and my dumb arse spent yesterday bingeing She-Ra and writing a Terrible Tiefling Tale. My loss but my Patreon's gain.

PLNs today include psyching myself for duck herding - calling the people at NDIS and making sure my wires are no longer crossed. Things need to be done before Scotty From Marketing makes certain that no disabled people actually get any help.

Signing Chaos up for that for two years should help prevent shenanigans. I hope.

Leave it to the governing body to hold onto coin like nobody's business.

On the plus side, I now have three sliced loafs in the freezer for any arising need. Small plus, but taking the little victories.

Sigh. Onwards I go.