Challenge #02815-G258: Best Instincts at Work

Some Positive Vibes and maybe a good story Prompt. -- Anon Guest

Humans are not telepathic. They are -on average- not prescient. However, watching Human parentals with their young in a series of miraculous rescues causes many to suspect the Humans may be lying about this. So too do phrases like, "I can hear what you're thinking," which is a common Human expression to mean, "I am reading all your physical tells and can correctly estimate your thoughts."

Combined with peripheral vision, thin slicing, and pattern recognition, Humans do a very scary impersonation of telepaths and precogs. The fact that tests exist to determine the veracity of any extra-sensory abilities is proof enough of this. Even Humans are capable of fooling themselves into believing they have preternatural powers.

Consider a small Human familial unit. One parental and one extremely small child apparently just becoming accustomed to bipedal locomotion. The adult of the pair is attempting to conduct their daily business and the child is attempting to understand the world around them. Neither seem alarmed about anything in their environment.

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