Friday - Day Three!

Day three at firkin last. I can't remember the last time we had a day three. Oof. I have three sliced loaves in the freezer, so all I'm doing is making "the bikkie" which is sourdough starter, fried gently in butter, plus olives. If the dough is extra thick, I add cream and coconut milk until it's appropriately runny and fry it for longer.

Today didn't need extra hydration.

I might have been impatient with Side A, so I'm letting it absorb the residual heat after the whole thing is cooked.

Once it's room temperature, I'll chop it into bits and nom on it during the rest of the day.

Today's plns include unfuckening the house and the Instant tale. Then conquering our current planet for the good of all us.

I might even feel creative later tonight. Fingers crossed.