Challenge #02816-G259: I'll Try to be Nice

"Nobody has to die today." -- Anon Guest

You can say a lot with small words. Wisdom comes in those with multiple uses. Five words can be a promise, a threat, a reassurance, or an absolute and utter lie. Humans use all of them at once, and pretend they knew what was the winner after the fact.

Unless the Ships' Human makes it very, very clear which one they're using, it's just better to play along. In the Case of the Valiant Whatsit and their Ships' Human Ey, it is almost always a threat.

Such as now, when Ey is facing off a novice band of Vorax raiders. It's easy to tell they're novices because one of them said, "There's twelve of us and one of them, how could we not win?" If they're lucky, they'll survive finding out.

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