Saturday - Day Four

Four days without plague. Woot. Here's to ten more so I finally have the freedom to go somewhere without that mask. I'm looking forward to it, and have been looking forward to it since firkin MARCH. That feels like twenty years ago now.


The Muppet has publicly announced that he's going to cling to power regardless of what the polls say and it's odds evens that his nefarious minions will let him.

Society as we know it may be fucked. Bring on the new society? Powers know we need a gorram upgrade.


Today's PLN has a lot more going than usual. It's my Feast Day, so the usual carbs are part of it, BUT...

  • I am taking Beloved and as many bags as we can fit in the car to ReTurn It for cashes
  • We're going shopping for STUFF(tm) so Beloved can make the liners for my improvised bannetons and I can stop abusing the tea towels :D
  • We also need cream and I need ice cream to maintain what passes for my sanity. If I can snag some lo-carb noodles for extra snackage then that will be a bonus

For now, though, I have a story to fabricate. ::starts whacking words with a hammer::