Maundy Thursday

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Thursday, Day 0, Maundy Moneys

Not only is it Maundy Thursday - the traditional day when the highfalutin hand out "Maundy Money" - it's also April Fools' Day. At least in Aus. Tomorrow's when the pranks really emerge from the intertubes. Be warned.

I'll probably stick to puns when I get to thinking them up.

Today, the PLN is to do my usual work nonsense with unfucking the house on the side because tomorrow is a public holiday. Yay.

I may or may not get on that thing about scams I've lived through today. Time will tell. I've been sleeping a lot more and that might be a direct result of Plague Panic (tm).

Three new cases today, two local transmissions. Seventy-one total active cases, sixty-six in hospital and one in ICU. That's ten left over to potentially wreak havoc.

In the news:

  • Lockdown's going to be longer and we all know it, but the news is making hype about this
  • SA launches a tourism campaign that spells out a rude word containing the initials for the Northern Territory
  • Continuing outrage over vaccine passports
  • Mystery missing Melbourne couple may have been spotted hundreds of kilometers away
  • 6YO with Down Syndrome vanishes after playing naked in the mud :\
  • Vanlife instagram star kills herself
  • Man who got the Johnson&Johnson vax had his skin peel off in a weird allergic reaction
  • Daryl Sommers, host of Hey Hey It's Saturday regrets the racism of his show
  • Aussie weather is going off the shits, blame climate change

It is time for fiction.