Very much broke again

(Argh) Christmas gift shopping happened. It's a very cheap year, this year. For limited definitions of "cheap". Beloved secured Mayhem's gift at quite some expense, and since we have an "equal worth" policy going on, Chaos may yet have some catching up to do.

We might not be able to do that, this year. Ah well.

And, as previously noted in this blog, all the adults are getting artisinal herb products in a pretty little gift basket, this year. I feel kind of like a cheat, because it cost me only slightly over $100 to make all of them (not including the time and terror involved in putting them all together)... And it's entirely debatable as to whether or not they're usable.

But at least they're pretty. Can't deny that.

And my friends and relatives may not thank me for all the pernicious gift grass they're getting as well.

At least it's better than my brick-hard gingerbread. Right?