That's my schedule shot...

This morrow, early in the morning, both my Beloved and Mayhem had to scoot towards their workday. I had to drive Mayhem to the train station because Beloved lacked the time because Spring Carnival steals their days from now until just past November.

Mayhem doesn't think he needs to learn to drive -__-

It's easier now than it was a mere few decades ago. Like, you can get food delivered and such, but... living independently without a car? You gotta get to your job, and unless you live just down the road from it, that's gonna be a huge pain in the butt.

Even the most convenient public transport can take hours out of your day.

I've had my fair share of being stuck and attempting to depend on another person for just getting around. It sucks. With the ability to drive, I can go fetch whatever when we need it instead of -say- waiting a day or three for the online grocery deliveries to get to me.

Sure, more of the world is catering to the kinds of people who can't get around like "normal". But I can guarantee that it has less sympathy for those who just don't want to.


So I have one more beta reader for Well Rendered - yay! I don't think there's any major errata in there, but... that's what Betas are good for.

Steemit is back up and running and I have my Resource Credits back which is neat. And membership in a whole Discord dedicated to checking how much we actually have. Woot.

My compy fund is more or less holding steady at halfway. If Bitcoin goes up, we can cash in and have extra. And maybe finally get the lappy that my writing managed to pay for. Eventually. With qualifiers.

Fingers crossed for that day.

Now all I have to do is get my writing done.