Challenge #03108-H200: The Cratered Path of Progress

The only difference between “f* around and find out” and science is whether or not you write down your findings -- Anon Guest

Mishi checked his ears for blood. Okay. None there. That meant that there was an increased chance that the hearing loss was temporary. Next, he risked wiggling his fingers and toes. Nothing hurt too badly. Sitting up -carefully, of course- revealed that he was now some distance away from the smoulding ruins of his former workshop. Ow. Living hurt.

Patting his pockets, Mishi found the fireproof notebook[1] and the pencil hidden inside the dragonhide binding. One eye closed so he could focus, Mishi wrote, Saltpetre[2] and glycerine mixture results in an explosion similar to Fireball. Following some thought, he added, It is clearly beneficial to be experimenting in a tumbledown shack.

Indeed, if he had been working in the stone cellars of royalty, he might be an interesting stain associated with a cautionary tale by now. Mishi waited for the ringing and the double images to go away before paging back to the outline of the experiment. Finding a blank space, Mishi added, DANGEROUSLY UNSTABLE to the ingredients list and steps to prepare.

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