Friday, Day 0, Bread Day

Plague News: One new case, an import. Forty-two total active cases, twenty three are in hospital and one is in the ICU.


I have a starter in the fancy-arse bread incubator this morning. It's still growing, but I got to keep an eye on it. I can only cook the bikkies after Miss Chaos has got on her bus. Timing is everything.

Meanwhile, I fear my wholemeal flour has gone sour. This is an immense pain in my butt since it's expensive to start with and it takes time to order. I am hoping that flour Just Smells Like That and everything will be fine. I hate waste.

I might end up making cakes for the birds.

In the news:

  • Olympics drama
  • Sydney lockdown could last until next year
  • Scarlett Johansson is suing the House of Mouse
  • Satellite reveals China's escalating nuclear capabilities
  • More plague shenanigans in NSW
  • Mystery frog deaths in QLD

I have 1K to write, a house to unfuck, and bread to make. THEN I have fics to tag, a board to build, and maybe some bikkies to eat. Huzzah.

No wonder I conk out closer to 4PM these days -_-