Challenge #03107-H199: Too Helpful

welcome to the internet, I’ll be your guide -- Anon Guest

Benevolence Org had spared no expense. They had put everything they could into their shield AI which, in a moment of pure egocentrism, named Bo. It was meant to protect the new, the unfamiliar, the gullible, from those who would exploit them on the nigh-lawless seas of the internet. It was friendly, it was helpful, and users could even customise the friendly avatar of its interface for maximum comfort.

Bo was supposed to help its users know when they were expected to pay for services, give them the options to see advertising, and hand them the truth behind any and all scams online. It was released with great fanfare and a huge uptick in market share. This was what the world clearly needed.

The user-base was immense. The elderly had it installed by their kids to protect them from Phishermen. The young had it installed by their parents so that the little darlings wouldn't run amok on the parental credit card. The left wing installed it to make sure they weren't falling for any dogwhistles. The right wing installed it to make sure no darn liberals were lying to them. Even the body corporate installed it to decrypt the algorithm. And then things... went... bad.

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