Thursday, Day 0, ...fuck!

Plague news: TWENTY new cases. One local, nineteen imports. I breathe a little easier knowing these numbers. All the same. Yikes time.

There are Aussie expats so desperate to get back on these sunny shores that they are considering becoming boat people. Have fun in out Dang Foreigner Concentration Camps Detention Facilities, folks.

I have the usual array of words to write and stuff, but I have been lagging behind when it comes to tagging the fics in the app. So. Today, in between frustration with Talespire, I will be tagging fics with abandon. I aim to get at least halfway through 2015. Thereafter, one of my afternoon wind-downs will be tagging a month per diem.

In the news:

  • Sydney Lockdown keeps on keeping on because of all the Knomiras
  • Olympics cringe
  • Dusty Hill of ZZ top fame, died at 72
  • Woman dies of domestic abuse. Cue, "But he was so nice..." excuses
  • Investigations into the 3k+ protest continue
  • ScoMo in hot water over plague handouts. Again
  • Mum tells all after antivax son dies
  • Calls to ban unvaxxed folk from restaurants

Enough of that nonsense. On with this nonsense.