Saturday, Day 0, Fun Feast?

Plague news: Five new cases, three local and two imports.

Masks are mandatory, so when I emerge from my rock to gain ice cream, I shall have my purple polkadot ppe on. Delta strain may have been spread in Queensland and this is now yikes territory.

I forgot to feed my Starters yesterday, but I got onto it this morning, so they should be fine.

In the news:

  • One country is facing a huge Delta outbreak
  • Statue of Lady Di continues to spark royal controversy. Honestly, I swear they're doing this bullshit on purpose
  • Limo driver's family drops some claims
  • Coles worker releases the secret of the cooked chook
  • NSW's soft rule could doom them
  • ATO warns folks investing in crypto

I shall finish up my bikkie and then get on with the streaming.