Saturday, Day 0, Overindulgence

I've already had noodles. I've already had some peanut brittle. I've had too much lolly water and I'm feeling a little nauseated. Blah.

I have eleven hours to write one story. Bet it takes me all of that to get it done. I spent all of yesterday doing all my various bits of work. I got it done all the same.

There's a parcel on the way and, given the shenanigans with this one, I'm thinking of ordering the next Grand Prize for Miss Chaos right away. Aus Post told me last week that they would tell me when the parcel was moving "within three business days".

They have some really funny definitions over there.

There's three imported cases of the plague, sixty-three total, with sixty-one in hospital. Only two capable of causing trouble.

In the news:

  • Prince Consort Philip dies age 99
  • Hunter Biden has terrible teeth
  • Viral "Before and after" boyfriend TikTok is actually him flexing versus him not flexing
  • NSW woman in hospital after "allegedly" being stabbed in the neck. An associated male is "assisting police with their enquiries"... hemhem
  • Woman dies in very sus aged care facility and only now to the cops come rolling by
  • Mum of two finds out she has two vaginas (!)
  • Luxor, alleged "lost golden city" of Egypt may have been uncovered. No shock that the gold in that title was a metaphor

Let's get on with fiction.