Saturday, Day 0, SLOTH AHOY

I hit my 3K this week with words to spare. Yay. So I am rewarding myself with at least one entire day with carbs and farting about. I spent my irresponsibility money [Yule gift] on (1) A weird pillow, and (2) A Steam Gift Card.

I have already bought the Untitled Goose Game. I'm going to give some blobby humanoid figures a very fowl day at some point in the future. MHUAHAHAHAA...

My majority plns include global and perhaps stellar domination in the Dyson Sphere Program. But first... storytime.

There's one new case from overseas, but the total is down to five. Progress? I don't know. One day in the future, there will be no active cases but the new one that popped up in quarantine. One day, the plague will be a memory. One day...

In the news:

  • Australia's retail therapy is changing the world
  • Muppet's impeachment trial apparently dead in the water. GIVE THIS CANKER SORE SOME FUCKING CONSEQUENCES, DAMNIT!
  • Couple charged with keeping sex slaves
  • Mouse plague in the outback
  • WA lockdown eases
  • Melbourne lockdown may be back on
  • Liberal MP questions if the plague is being "overdiagnosed". Dude. Shut up
  • There's finally a plan to get stranded Aussies back over here
  • Aussie beaches invaded by bluebottles
  • Dogecoin on the rise

I think I'm getting over my Bad Brain Year. I hope I am. It's a yoyo path, a long and winding road, pick your metaphor. Meh. Let's get a story out there.