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Thursday, A Day of Rest

We have been splurging Beloved's bonus and she has announced that she wants us to be equals in all things. Which means I get nice stuff when she gets nice stuff. I will no longer be able to sublimate my needs and go without for the sake of others.

Which is good for me in the long term. I shall be mildly scandalised by this for at least a year. I bet.

I have a new laptop to replace the old one, and I shall be getting gradually used to its quirks starting today. Huzzah.

Today, I get back to my regular horseshit. Building dungeons, building a world. I already have a nominee, the Haassisha. Lizard folk and, in at least one case, sneople (snake people). And then writing some more of A Devil's Tale between commenting on the Foundry's entries for the prompt, It's the Little Things. Or, as I prefer to call it, sharing some love.

And very soon, I begin all that nonsense. Huzzah.

I am spending ALL day at home today. After running around and doing fetch quests or having a frenzy of bonus spending with Beloved for six days out of the week... I am glad to put my feet up for a change.

Beloved and I have made the promise to acknowledge each others' efforts more often. This will help us feel better about making that effort in the first place.

Onwards to some of those efforts.

Saturday, Day 0, SLOTH AHOY

I hit my 3K this week with words to spare. Yay. So I am rewarding myself with at least one entire day with carbs and farting about. I spent my irresponsibility money [Yule gift] on (1) A weird pillow, and (2) A Steam Gift Card.

I have already bought the Untitled Goose Game. I'm going to give some blobby humanoid figures a very fowl day at some point in the future. MHUAHAHAHAA...

My majority plns include global and perhaps stellar domination in

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