Saturday, Feast Shenanigans

Beloved has PLANS for today. Plans that include waffles and nonsense with sugar. Which is the best kind of nonsense.

Lighter Bag Quest is probably on the schedule.

My wrists are rested enough to write, but it's probably not on my schedule. If anything gets done, I will count it as a win.

Carrying my shit with me is becoming a Problem. Bum bags cause bruising on my hips. Shoulder bags do my shoulders in. Backpacks inevitably cause hassles. And the good old tote now causes my wrists to complain.

I am honestly considering a light cotton vest with large enough pockets, but... (a) those don't exist, (b) they are bait for pickpockets, (c) I don't think there's a pocket big enough for my glasses case, and (d) I'd probably get shoulder trouble again.

My other option is a "gun holster" hip bag, which we'd have to order online.

It's going to be fun finding out what the hell the solution is.

But for now, there is always another story.