Challenge #03401-I113: Sudden Onset Godliness

Everyone assumes once you gain enough power to be considered one of the Gods, you become omnipotent and know everything. But you don't. Almost none of us have such a thing. We have power, true, but we still have our hearts. -- Lessons

Deification is one hell of a drug. Do something that the world remembers, and your name and soul become immortal. Do something truly awesome, and you become worshipped. Which is something of a shock when you started life as a Tiefling.

Perseverance Buschelle rose up on the flood of faith. She had never had wings and did not need them now. She had expected to die, but this was the furthest thing from death that there could be.

She could see... and feel... everything. It was awesome. It was awe-full. It was awful. She could hear thousands of prayers already.

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