Sunday, Cyclone Headache Funtimes

There are no low pressure systems within my range. There are, however, two high pressure systems and the oncoming cold of winter. It still hurts my face like a an absolute barbarian.

I am digging up my sunnies so I can function with life as I know it.

I have already done some Chambering in TaleSpire [back to the wibbly wobbly walls again :P ] and am waiting for any streaming to happen when one of my fave streamers has come down with a bad case of Perfectionism.

Perfectionism kills creativity. I might rant about that. Later. There's Wordpress for that.

Tonight, there's another session of D&D, where my players continue to have shenanigans and achieve revelations as directed by the maniac in charge of the world.

I have things in the barrel, but they're player-presence related. Otherwise, it's herding murder hoboes through the trials and tribulations of game environment.

But before that, there is Tale Foundry and my stream and staying awake until it's time to rest before D&D.

The usual.

We now have an auto-closing mechanism that keeps the cats from invading the front room, and thereby escaping the house when we're moving things in or out.

Better for the cats. Also better for us.

We have plots in process to create more prepped meals. Having meals ready to eat are great for me. All I have to do before we make the dang things is eat up the last of them.

Oh what a "sacrifice"...