Cyclone Headache

A 4-post collection

Tuesday, Patreon and Dungeon building

I have a cyclone headache and the painkillers have done JACK SQUAT this morning. I shall be doing all computer things with sunnies on. Blargh.

The good news is that I'm nearly done with creating Level 10 of 23. If I make it to level 12, I can call myself halfway done with building the entire dang dungeon.

But I won't relax until I am DONE done with it all.

Today's the day I put Patreon rewards up for everyone. No new chapters in Kingdom of Sand, but PLENTY more of A Devil's Tale. Whoopsy.

Gotta keep my muse happy, I guess.

I shall attempt to focus a little more on Kingdom of Sand this week. BUT I'm also using the rowing machine after I eat today. Ten minutes of exercise. Nice and easy. Just to start with.

Odds evens, I do not eat today. That's how terrible I am at looking after myself. BUT I also want to be thinner and fitter so... Gotta make myself do the thing.


Tuesday, Patreon, and screw this headache

I have pain on the left side of my head. Mostly in the cheekbone, and up on the brow. What I refer to as the upper left quadrant of my head. If you can call an eighth of a head a "quadrant".

I have: Upper/Lower, Left/Right, Forward/Back.

And the weird part is that I now have an achey bit in the lower back part of my head. No connecting nerves.

Sometimes I wish I had not spent $3K to

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Sunday, Cyclone Headache Funtimes

There are no low pressure systems within my range. There are, however, two high pressure systems and the oncoming cold of winter. It still hurts my face like a an absolute barbarian.

I am digging up my sunnies so I can function with life as I know it.

I have already done some Chambering in TaleSpire [back to the wibbly wobbly walls again :P ] and am waiting for any streaming to happen when one of my fave streamers has come down with

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Thursday, Day 0, FUCKIN KNOMIRAS!

Plague News: Two absolute FUCKWITS from Victoria left lockdown and fucking DROVE to the SUNSHINE COAST to stay with family. Fucking NONGS. GD Knomiras causing another firkin lockdown, I hope they have a terrible time.

Also two new cases [guess firkin who], with eleven active and eight in hospital.

What glorious news to wake up to.

Anyway, I don't have any new scams to report, so that leaves the rest of my day free to catch up on my novel writing. Because

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