Monday, Backup Reads and Cyclone Headache

I can feel the weather in my face, this morning. I have taken painkillers for it, but they're not being effective today. I might not be doing the stream because looking into a bright light is not my favourite idea right now.

Fingers crossed, they actually work before stream time. I don't like having to cancel for all my assortment of reasons.

My head hurts. I just want to sleep it off.

I have Beloved's company tomorrow, and it looks like I can't regularly bake every other week. I don't want the bread I made to expire before I can eat it.

I shall figure something out. I don't know how or when.

Staying in the dark helps, but I can still feel that headache lurking behind my eye.

There will still be offerings, but there may not be stream. There's still some hours between then and now. I shall have to play it by ear.

Leaving my daily tale until I know for sure. Other efforts and offerings will have my attention between now and then.