Challenge #04144-K126: Cost Effective Retribution

Utter chaos ensues when Mr. Sunshine actually gets peeved off. He and his friends go to town on this glittering mask hiding a hell-hole. The dereggers there are shocked. The innocents who didn't know what was going on were spared. Those who were actively involved? Death, when it eventually came, was a blessing. -- Anon Guest

The big problem was finding the source of the rot. They keystones of the culture inherent in the mess of maggots that was Iedenn Station. And when one is seeking out the roots of rot, look first to the kinds of people who are above the law.

Like most dereggers, keeping half of the population tied down in body-reproduction was standard operating procedure. Unlike most dereggers, the children were not the precious burdens that had to be protected by their deity-given parents. Once the child was old enough to use the bathroom and follow orders, they became the property of the government, which knew better.

Unless, of course, that child was the product of the reigning CEO's and the biggest movers and shakers of the society. They were the government, so it made a skewed sense that they kept their children.

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