Tuesday, Patreon and Cyclone Headache

My head does not like me today. I was up at 1 in the morning because PAIN.

I need to make an appointment to get a prescription for the super painkillers since I'm out. Meanwhile, I make do with ibuprofen and paracetamol.

We got ourselves some crowded days ahead, so that time window is currently eluding me.

I have some things to share with Patreon, hooray. Some plns coming through, too. The rest of the fam is going to meet the QPP and we shall see how things proceed from there.

Those who matter don't mind, those who mind don't matter. Etc etc etc.

The money goes through to our accounts long about midday. I have already done my half-hour AFG and committed another chapter to the archives.

I shall be hoping to get meds in the afternoon. Merely surviving to get that far until then.


Offerings very soon.