Challenge #03817-J165: Uniquely Deathworlder Fare

"Popcorn! It's been so long!"

"You heat the seeds until they...explode? This is a treat-food? Humans." -- Anon Guest

"Empty calories. Bland and harmless on its own. They take up the flavour of whatever you put with them." Human Meis grinned, still fondling the seemingly harmless orange-yellow seeds in their care package. "The process of making it might be bad for you little squishies, but the finished product? You might like it. I'll do you some caramel corn an I'll have the butter."

Companion Fraith boggled at hir Human. "You are certain this Deathworlder food does no harm?"

"I'll maximise food hygeine for you. It'll be basic starch and sugars, but you might want to spit out the shells. Or cut them off. Nobody's invented shell-less popcorn yet. I might make a robot to sort out the easy ones for you. Actually, I should start on that now."

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