Tuesday, Patreon, and screw this headache

I have pain on the left side of my head. Mostly in the cheekbone, and up on the brow. What I refer to as the upper left quadrant of my head. If you can call an eighth of a head a "quadrant".

I have: Upper/Lower, Left/Right, Forward/Back.

And the weird part is that I now have an achey bit in the lower back part of my head. No connecting nerves.

Sometimes I wish I had not spent $3K to have my nose straightened up :P Sure, I sleep a smidge easier, but this is infuriating.

It might be the weather. It might be the drop in temperature. It might be the firkin TIDES... but it isn't a low pressure system within my radius. Blargh.

I have chapters of things that I should not be writing for my Patrons, today. And I need to look up which tier that goes on. Because it's been a hot while.

I also have to do the parental things and - shoot. I left my pronoun pin in the other room. Now I gotta focus long enough to fetch it.

Tricky work, given the distractions already in place. The internet is making shiny, shiny things.

Yes, I did purchase four such pins. Yes, I also broke one, misplaced one, and know that the fourth is... eeeehhh... somewhere. So I effectively have one.

I know me too well.

...I need to get four more.

Onwards to creating nonsense and posting content.