Tuesday, Patreon and Dungeon building

I have a cyclone headache and the painkillers have done JACK SQUAT this morning. I shall be doing all computer things with sunnies on. Blargh.

The good news is that I'm nearly done with creating Level 10 of 23. If I make it to level 12, I can call myself halfway done with building the entire dang dungeon.

But I won't relax until I am DONE done with it all.

Today's the day I put Patreon rewards up for everyone. No new chapters in Kingdom of Sand, but PLENTY more of A Devil's Tale. Whoopsy.

Gotta keep my muse happy, I guess.

I shall attempt to focus a little more on Kingdom of Sand this week. BUT I'm also using the rowing machine after I eat today. Ten minutes of exercise. Nice and easy. Just to start with.

Odds evens, I do not eat today. That's how terrible I am at looking after myself. BUT I also want to be thinner and fitter so... Gotta make myself do the thing.