Challenge #03431-I143: Leave Only Footprints

With hir new robot body, the militant, nearly fanatic vegan, considers going home to try to get everyone to pledge to be rid of their 'dirty' animal bodies and give up ever eating anything again. After all, isn't eating the same as killing, be it plant or animal? Hir therapists are starting to run out of ideas. -- Anon Guest

"You cannot go free, not yet," said the Phloran therapist. "You do not understand the wrongs you have done."

"But I've acknowledged every one of them," argued Lass. "I consumed living things for my own benefit. I caused indirect harm to living things. I ate pets. I ate parts of people. I was not the clean soul I am now. Today, I only consume the clean and free energy of light and ambient radiation. I am in an immortal shell and my self is free of sin."

Dymenscha took a deep breath and started over. "Those are truths, but they are not the whole truth. You remember purposefully invading our territories despite being told to stay away, right? You remember making sure that you had to stay?"

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