Thursday, Catching Up PLN

I usually watch the Critrole VOD on Tuesday. Tuesday was full of Other Stuff. So today I shall be watching at last. Yay. Just as the next episode comes out live.


I have a cyclone headache so I've taken the HEFTY meds and hoping they work.

I have a system of escalation regarding my pain management. Step one was last night.

So let's sketch it out for the worrywarts who read this [Hi, Mum!]:

  1. Panadol and Ibuprofen, two of each. I have it on good authority that people are allowed to do this. [wait a minimum of eight hours between steps]
  2. Only if that doesn't work, take one of the heavy-duty painkillers.
  3. Only if that doesn't work, take two of the heavy-duty painkillers
  4. If THAT doesn't work, give up on everything and retreat to a soothing dark place until the weather goes away.

I can sleep through the worst of it and wear sunnies for everything else.

A literal pain in my anatomy, but I can work around it.

Let's get on with some of that.