Challenge #03587-I298: The Wreck of the Hopes&Dreams

I am an AI, this body looks humanoid because its the most convenient. My senses are far, far, more powerful than a being that is flesh and blood. It's why I'm so good at my job. Now, please, I can tell by your expression and vitals that you are quite ill, stop trying to hide it and let me help you, before it's too late? -- Anon Guest

"You have no rights to invade my medical privacy," ranted Passenger Els as she fought to escape triage. "I'm fine. I can walk it off."

Medikbot W4R-D wished, not for the first time, that ze could sigh. The best ze could manage was a sound something like a depressed party squeaker. "You have an abundance of natural adrenaline in your system," ze announced. "This creates a temporary analgesic effect. That adrenaline will be wearing off in less than a minute, and you will become aware of severe pain. My current estimate is that you will walk seven steps before you collapse."

"Screw you, I'm fine!" She battled free and made it eight steps out of pure spite. Forcing herself to go one further before she succumbed to her injuries and gravity alike.

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