Challenge #03588-I299: Unkindness in the Deep Woods

This (link) -- AmberFox

Marilene was lost. Mama had sent her to gather 'enough' kindling and, with the help of some reeds and grass, now had a bundle of twigs bigger than her on her head. That was the good bit. She was being a good daughter for Mama.

The bad part was that she had been so determined to get the mostest sticks in the world that she lost track of the way home. And now the woods were getting spooky.

The trees were talking. They were saying things like, "Go back now!" or "Beware... Be... ware..." or laughter and giggles from random directions. There was only one thing that Marilene could do. She fell into a sitting position and set up a wail. It had always worked before.

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