Wednesday, Cyclone Headache -_-

There must be a low pressure system somewhere between me and Rockhampton. Or between me and Coffs Harbour. I am feeling it in my face :P

Not fun.

Today, Beloved and I are getting our hair done. Then we wend our way to the job expo to have a look at potential occupations for Miss Chaos. Such fun.

I have no idea when we're going to get a date going, but... something may crop up.

We might get onto fixing my sand picture. Seems like a potential task to accomplish together. We might finally get on to budgeting so we can save for things.

Right now, I post a story and hope for the best. Wordpress is probably going to get more story of the "fanficcy" version of A Devil's Tale.

I don't know. It currently hurts a little bit too much to think.

Flash fiction time.