Challenge #03545-I256: Tough Suffering

A Human and other Deathworlders are hurt, that was a bumpy landing in that survival pod. The human gives the others in the pod all of the pain meds. They decide to "tough it out" until help arrives. But, they can handle it. -- Anon Guest

Good news - it was a hospitable world. Great news, the molecular printers and disassemblers had survived in workable condition. Terrible news... Human Ret had survived the crash with fractured ribs. Compared to the others, a relatively minor injury.

Fantastic news, the printers could also do pain meds. Terrible news - not enough of them.

On a world hospitable enough that food was relatively easy to procure, it wasn't that terrible. There were worse outcomes, like that one planet colonised by one guy alone. Sent by adherents of Ancient Alien Theory[1]. Poor soul only had himself as a resource. For both population and nutrition.

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