Thursday, Game Night, Catching Up

It's been a week of it. Monday was too dang tired, Tuesday was tech support, Wednesday was running about for some interesting things...

For those who are interested, getting my hair done and checking out Miss Chaos' school's job expo. Then we had date night.

Today's the first chance I've had to sit down and work on things. I refuse to feel guilty about it, other people needed my time, presence, and muscle. I am only one bean, and I have my limits.

Speaking of limits, I have a pretty nasty cyclone headache today. Despite the "hard" painkillers [ibuprofen and codeine] I am still light sensitive and my face is still suffering from the nonsense.

And I am drowsy and slow to function.

So I therefore am being a little bit gentle with me. Five chapters summarised as a minimum. One chamber or one void in TaleSpire. It kind of feels like one or the other will happen today.

I know the drowsiness wears off in a while. I might get the cheevs anyway.

I'm not feeling terribly great in the tum-tum zone. A reminder that when the meds say "take with food" they have reasons for that.


Nonsense soon enough.