Tuesday, Cyclone Headache and Potentiality

Beloved should be in my arms tonight if all goes well. I'm still halfway prepared for it to be a wash all the same.

My braining difficulties are not helped by a cyclone headache today. Also not helped by an urgent phone call in the middle of my stretchies. MeMum had mislaid her phone and tracing it was literal hell.

I know she won't like it, but maybe adding the voice command and utilising some variant of "where are you" to make the phone chirp... could be helpful. I don't even know if Mum's mobile can do that. Plus we're all justifiably paranoid about technology listening to us.

Until then, it's the old trick of announcing out loud where one puts a thing. It's shockingly good at helping forgetful beans remember where they put their phone/tea/book/sunnies.

I use it daily.

Onwards to the offerings. Let's go.