Challenge #04187-K169: A Destination of Inspiration

May we see the fairgrounds, say, a couple years out after Wraithvine and friends visited to safety-test? -- Anon Guest

Fairs like this tend to travel. Staying in one place tends to make them boring for the locals, and travel is never casual when the journey takes days at best. It was a slow carnival, so the places it visited had up to a week of anticipation before they could attend.

Wraithvine had tested all of it some years ago. Now ze had the chance to enjoy it.

The steam-powered automatons were not merely in good repair, but also in good voice. They could even play more modern songs, once a technician fed the punched cards into the system. The food was -of course- fair food. Indulgent and bad if it ever became a staple. Luxurious, of course. Full of cream or sugar or spices, and often wrapped in some kind of batter. Most of it was offered on a stick.

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