Tuesday, OW...

Day two of my firkin cyclone headache and I am on hold with the council. About a bill notice I got on email.

Apparently, I'm liveblogging this because I have now found out this biz is genuine and I have to call the recovery agency to verify the payment plan that I'm already using independently.

Isn't red tape FUN?

I've told the recovery people I'm already doing payments on the rates to the best of my ability. So now they're checking with the council to see if that's okay.

Even though I already checked that it's okay. So to recap:

  1. Talked to the council about my payments of the rates
  2. Told to talk to the debt recovery people about the payments I'm already making
  3. Did that
  4. Now they have to talk to the council and make sure the payments I've already cleared are fine and dandy.
  5. I will be getting an email about that at some point

Not certain it's worth the worsening of my headache.

I'll be farting around with things I've learned on Stencyl and making sure I have the assets in place for the Pseuducku game. Maybe even attempting a behaviour or two.

But first - offerings while sneezing my fool head off.