Challenge #04146-K128: Feels Familiar

The animals on this planet were immensely cute, but surprisingly aggressive even if they were mostly harmless to even a level 1 or 2 havenworlder, and almost completely harmless to most deathworlders. The colonists carefully guarded this place against dereggers who decided these fierce little feisties would be the new "must-have pet". And they were not subtle about their protection of this world against such behaviors. -- Anon Guest

They were eventually named Fizzgigs after a fantastic creature from Pre-Shattering Terran media. Advertised as "forty pounds of hostility in a three-ounce bag". They were fluffy, and adorable, and eternally pissed-off at the larger portion of the universe.

They were happily fructivorous and eventually tameable. Even their kits were little savages. So of course the Humans had to have them.

There was a rather intense breeding program to make sure the biota of Elysi'ish remained undisturbed. The ones released to the Alliance were bred pets. In the middle of attempted domestication. It was still touch and go regarding whether those efforts had made any progress.

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