Wednesday, Rant Entry, Shopping, and Great Sleep

It's ten o'clock and I have yet to put pants on. It's a great morning because I actually got a sound firkin night's sleep. Yay. I didn't wake up until after sunrise.

I feel great.

The financial complications regarding the council-related email are sorted, I got Baldur's Gate 3 running in LinuxLand for an entire hour's worth of game time.

Today, after I finish my stretchies, foot torture, and cat feeding [Most important!]... I shall have to go shopping because Wednesday is my day for such things.

When I get back from my restocking mission, I shall move on with all the expected offerings. It's going to be very interesting with the Cyclone Headache threatening to come back.

I also need to figure out when to go to the optometrist because (a) I need new glasses anyway and, (b) I no longer have sunglasses for my extant ones.

It's going to be EXPENSIVE :P

So the PLN is to get the eye exam, purchase new glasses with detachable sunnies, and invest in the kind of case that won't accidentally slip out when I'm focused on other things. Even with just buying the new glasses, that's a three-figure thing that I've been avoiding for a little bit too long. Damn close to a four figure thing that I probably can't afford.

Whee fun.

At least while I'm roaming about, I will have a good chance to figure out what my weekly rant is going to be.

I need some luck with that.


So I forgot to make sure this posted. My bad. It's almost 4PM, I'm only now breaking my fast and taking my coffee and pills.

Let's firkin GO!