Challenge #04147-K129: Eldritch Intimacy

A: Hey bard have you seen my Necronomicon?

B: right here. It’s was an interesting read.

A: You read it? The Necronomicon?

B: Yes, I found some wonderful inspiration inside. Shall I ordain you a tune? -- Anon Guest

[AN: Link to the video includes rude language, sexual language, and the generic horny bard. Dead dove, do not eat]

Certain tomes should not exist. Some should never have been penned. Some are loaded weapons, waiting to kill again. In these cases, the pen certainly was mightier than the sword.

The pen, or the brush made with intelligent creatures' hair, or the stylus made of finger bones...

Everyone thinks such books are bound in Human skin. Human skin makes absolutely terrible binding leather. Those in favour of such nonsense much prefer the thicker skins of Hellkin, Drakkonbred, Dragons, and so on. Every evil tome seems to be bound in the hide of an intelligent creature, but that's not what makes them evil. There's a very rare few that consume an unwary reader.

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