Social Skills

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Saturday, Feast Day Out

Beloved is connecting with fellow LGBTIAQ+ people. In Mount Gravatt. So we have a smidge of a hustle to get there.

Fun times.

BUT also community is a good thing and I have to see if my nonbinary self is gatekept out of there. No hard feels. I kind'a feel a little bit like a poser when others have bigger problems.

Maybe I'll find someone else there who's also Gender Meh. Gotta give it a chance.

And now I have to get hustling, starting with getting Beloved out of bed. Instant story speedrun GO!

Challenge #02196-F006: Mutually Assured Social Destruction

A Havenworlder calls their human companion annoying and embarrassing pet names in front of other humans. -- Anon Guest

In every spaceport, there is a minimum of one place where the Spacers go to bend an elbow, tell tall tales, and possibly gain a bedmate or two for some haptic rewards. Such as it was with The Greasy Dive Eat Drink, where a Human calling themself Jeg was holding court to a bevy of attractive and interested fellow Humans.

"So there I

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