Erastide! Happy Chocolate Day!

Dawn is spreading over the countryside and, were it not for the heinous fuckshittery on the news, I could believe that peace on earth and goodwill towards fellow humans might be possible.

But this morning of the hope of rebirth and renewal, we have:

  • The Muppet claiming that a virus cannot be defeated by antibiotics. When the whole world knows that antibiotics only work against bacteria.
  • The Muppet fixating on his TV ratings rather than anything related to combatting the plague sweeping through the country he's allegedly in charge of.
  • The revelation that education need not be as expensive as it is because the cost of higher education has been slashed because all of a sudden people don't want to pay for something they can't attend. Surprise.
  • Confirmation that wet markets are the perfect breeding ground for virii like Covid.
  • Newborn babies given tiny face shields to try and protect them from the plague.

On one hand, the last one is a little cute. On the other, slightly terrifying and also practical. They're working hard to do everything they can to protect the tiny and vulnerable.

Meanwhile, the people in aged care facilities [especially in the US] are told not to resuscitate the "burdensome" elderly. Yikes, people. Major. League. YIKES.

I also had confirmation through a fellow Autiste that the attitudes I battled in the 70's are still alive and well in the 21st century. Thirty. Firkin. YEARS. After the fact.

As the discourse goes via Tumblr, we don't need awareness. We need acceptance.

But that's a rant for another Wednesday. I should get on with telling a story so that I'm free to eat chocolate with the family.