Challenge #02649-G092: What Works For Some

A species that usually has mated groups of 3 or more, but never less, and upon meeting two bonded Humans and understanding there is no third is all prepared to be appropriately sympathetic for their Human’s loss of mate(s) -- Anon Guest

[AN: Reminder to all readers that Polyamory between consenting parties is a legitimate relationship option for Humans as well as alien life]

"Marriage is a sacred bond between three to five people. No more, no less." -- Xyltarxian extremist attempting to reform their resident polity to a morally righteous set of laws.

The Xylethi ship had decided to be economical when introducing a Ships' Human to their crew. The manuals all stated that Humans were pack-bonding creatures and therefore elected to hire a bonded set. They had not expected a pair.

For centuries, since the victory of a morally righteous polity group in their past, the Xylethi had held to a strict rule of marriage being a group of between three to five consenting adults. Seeing a mere couple had both the greeting Captain and the designated Companion in evident confusion.

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