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How the heck?

We went sideways without ever meaning to go sideways. Just... things went agley without anyone being aware that they were going agley in the first place and that's how they went... agley-er... than normal.

But at least I have PLNs. I'm going to hide the chocolate cake and stick to the healthier stuff. And we're making Crack Slaw tonight. I'm going to tone down the ingredients a lot so we don't end up having to balance fucktons of vegetables. And if I get everything at Dickson's, then I shouldn't have to spend too much.

The birthday dinner at Sushi Metro was everything I loved and am usually not allowed to have. Followed by cake, which is always the best.

I have two new vinyls and a fuckbunch more movies to enjoy. You know. When I have the time.

Stop laughing like that.

I already did the Patreon post for today, so all that's left to worry about is the Instant Story and the Words for Today, and then I can attempt Hazelnut Praline Fibre Muffins. I even have pure stevia, which is green, to use for a sweetener.

I also have $50 worth of iTunes and $100 Irresponsibility Money from MeMum to play with. Plans for the latter will have to be really careful. I want to be able to use what I buy with that.

The throat lump persisteth, I know it's all about stress, and various forms of arting help me at least forget about being stressed for a little while. And since I refuse to draw more SESP until I figure out the animation glitch that's happening, that means I'm going to go gangbusters on the art for Beauties and the Beastly.

Which is kind'a frightening because I've almost finished the Master Sketch. All'a y'all Patrons are going to get an updated speedpaint video. As well as the improved musical stylings of Ellipsis Addiction and everything else I pop up there.

For instance: $10 Patrons just got another chapter of a stalled WIP I would love to have suggestions for. But if you can only afford $1 a month, that's okay. Every little bit helps. I make a point of posting up new material every week for all levels of donors. Except for the very top tiers. If those ever happen, you're getting some real personal attention.

I can dream.

No sign of the postal agents' reply. No further signs of love from my fandom. I didn't give y'all much warning. I'll take belated stuff if you so whist.

But for now, I'll keep doing my thing.


Okay, so sugar and lots of it does really terrible things to me. I have learned this now.

Following a breakfast of a Lindt dark choc bunny, a Guylian sampler1 and some sugar-free creaming soda... I had asthma, loose stools, and trouble staying upright.

At least until we headed off to Maccas for lunch for some grease-burgers and, in my case, the promisingly disgusting Cadbury Cream Egg McFlurry. It was actually more of a sundae with caramel sauce and definitely-not-cadbury-flakes on

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Queensland! Beautiful one day...

...buggered up the butt by a cyclone, the next!

Doesn't quite fit the Australian Tourism Board's idea of advertising, but neither did The Scared Weird Little Guys' Come to Australia (You Might Accidentally Get Killed).

But this is definite proof that Earth is a Deathworld and Australia ups the overall rating.

As you might guess, we all weathered the storm. A bit of a blackout, but at least we all had hot food before the lights went out.

I did finally get

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